Product Features

An Overview of Kyocera’s Best Features

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Total Document Solutions – Office Equipment and Supplies

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Managed Document Services

Optimize your entire document environment in five flexible, carefully designed phases with KYOCERA MDS.

Enterprise Content Management

Make short work of document management and automate procedures with KYOCERA’s ECM.

Business Applications

Turn complex workflows into simple processes and bring true innovation to your office environment.


KYOCERA helps you with “customization” in your business workflow, to meet your detailed requirements.

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Usability and Accessibility Features

copy machine operation panel

Accessible Operations Panel

Intuitive and Tablet-like Operability

Fonts and icons are displayed in large size on a large full-color touch screen. In addition, the finished quality and image of scanned document data and the image of saved print data can be previewed. When you can check before you print, it ensures accurate operation.

copy machine sliding paper drawer

Easy to Use Paper Drawer

Smooth Sliding & Easy Grip Handle

Users can open and close the paper drawer with just a slight force. Furthermore, the semi-auto-closing paper drawer does not need to be pushed to the end. The paper guide can be adjusted with a slight force by one hand.


A grip handle is adopted for the paper drawer for easy handling with either an overhand grip or underhand grip. Users can carry out paper replacement from a posture that allows easy operation.

copy machine toner container

Toner Container

Locking System and Color Name Codes

When a toner becomes empty, only the toner container cover automatically opens. This allows accurate and easy replacement of the toner container.


To distinguish toner colors, the color codes are attached to each container, carton and insertion slot.

copy machine color arrangement

Color Coded Operations

Easy to Identify

Not only the operation panel, but also the other operation areas, the labels, etc. are color-coded so that the user can easily distinguish these from the surrounding areas.

copy machine notification lights


LED Status Lights

An LED notification lamp is equipped with a MFP that allows the user to visually check the operating conditions away from the MFP. This lamp helps users with hearing difficulties to recognize the “paper empty” and other problems. In addition, the color of the LED lamp is designed in consideration of different color visions.